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Holiday Sales, Promotions & Gift Ideas from Skulls Unlimited

Holiday Sales, Promotions & Gift Ideas from Skulls Unlimited

There’s No Place Like Bones for the Osteolidays.

Happy Osteolidays! Our most festive savings of the year are here! From skull kits to baculum sets, this is your shortcut to the best holiday sales, one-day deals, and gift ideas we’ve ever offered. Weigh down Santa’s sleigh with endlessly fascinating collections of osteological specimens from Skulls Unlimited.

Osteolidays Deal of the Moment!


The ornaments decorating your Christmas tree are a reflection of who you are and what you care about. Our selection of animal, skeleton, and Museum of Osteology themed ornaments are the perfect mix of festive and fascinating.

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These Creatures are Stirring

Whether you’re a seasoned skull collector or new to the world of osteology, our Osteolidays skull kits are best observed in their natural environment – under your tree!

Basic Dietary Comparison Kit
Standard Dietary Comparison Kit
Deluxe Dietary Comparison Kit
Beginner Collector’s Kit

Starter Collector’s Kit
Prime Collector’s Kit
Rodent Kit
Bird Kit

Bah Humbugs

From scorpion bottle openers to butterfly paper weights, these creepy crawlies caught in acrylic are guaranteed to be the most unique stocking crawlers on your mantle.

Here Comes Santa’s Claws

Feline generous? Our Big Cat replica claws package is the perrrfect gift to give. It includes tiger, African lion, mountain lion, lynx, and jaguar claws.

And that’s not the fireplace you hear roaring. It’s our Bear Package with replica claws that include Kodiak grizzly, large grizzly, medium black bear, and polar bear.

Rude Dolph the Red-nosed Dinosaur

Name one kid under the age of 37 that wouldn’t want to see a herd of dinosaurs pulling Santa’s sleigh. Our dinosaur sets are the ultimate gifts for aspiring paleontologists of all ages. Hurry before they turn to coal!

The Perfect Holiday Package

Deck the halls with bundles of baculum. But be careful, these bone specimens are FRA-GEE-LAY.

This holiday set includes raccoon, mink, badger, coyote, and beaver bacula.

Read-y for Christmas?

When it comes to the endlessly fascinating world of osteology, sometimes books are even better than bones. Our library of children’s books is sure to captivate eager minds by helping kids explore the natural world around us.