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Birds + Reptiles

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Reindeer aren’t the only animals that fly, and Santa isn’t the only thing that can slide down your chimney. Birds and reptiles can do that too! Give the person who has everything some of the coolest critters with our Aves + Reptiles collection.

Predator + Prey

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Your hunt for the perfect holiday gift is officially over with our Predator vs. Prey collection. From November 27-30, when you buy one predator, you can get a prey 50% off! So don’t miss your chance to bag the prey you’ve always wanted for only half the price!


Buy One Acrylic, Get Another For 50% Off!

Have no gift to bring, pa rum pum pum pum? Get yourself some pa rum hum hum humbugs with our acrylic collection! Black Friday through Cyber Monday, when you buy an acrylic piece, you’ll get one 50% off. Whether you’re in the market for a scorpion bottle opener or butterfly paperweights, creepy crawlers will stuff your stockings like nothing else on earth!

eGift Cards

Here is your ticket to the best holiday sales and gift ideas we’ve ever offered. Deck your halls with endlessly fascinating osteological specimens from Skulls Unlimited!